Sunday, October 16, 2005

Family Tradition

Usually, families tend to stick together when the going gets tough rather than the opposite. I have just been reminded of what a wonderful family I do have. My sister in law, my husband's sister, is being sued by her husband's sister. Who sues family? well unfortunately, that one does. My sister in law and her husband had a get together and the sister fell on the sidewalk on the way in to their condo. She was pregnant and twisted her ankle, but months went by and she got better. Just a few months ago, she decided to press charges. At first the family was like, don't worry, we're not suing YOU, we are suing your insurance company. Still, it was wrong. She even promised to give them some of the money...which theydidn't want. Since the insurance company and condo complex have ruled that the area that she fell on is not under their responsibility, it now goes directly to my sister and brother in law. That makes for an interesting family gathering. So now, no one is speaking to each other and the sister is suing her brother just for money, apparently. Is Springer still on tv?

She is a worthless ho who has three kids by three different men and still lives at home with her poor parents to raise the kids. She had a boob job and is a hussy with no better purpose in life than to create havoc for those around her. I do believe in karma and I do believe she has been tagged. I feel bad for my sister and brother in law. No one should go through this as a family. The parents are backing the sister suing, so all communication has been cut off. It is hard. Why are people assholes? My sis and brother in law have repeatedly supported her, giving her money when she needs it (which she never repays, nor do they expect it anymore), babysitting their niece and nephew and loving them - which is the hardest thing to see - them missing their aunt and uncle and cousin - and lots more)

Which goes back to the old adage - you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family. That just sucks. I am thankful to have a loving and caring family. I hope they won't sue me - and don't expect them to. Where to turn if your family wrongs you? Well I did some research. Good luck my sister in law!

Coping with the stress of being sued


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