Sunday, November 06, 2005

IKEA, The European Target

My sister road tripped into town from Charlotte, NC with my mom and her two kids so we could have a sister shopping spree at IKEA. She has been an avid fan for a few years and hasn't been to one in years. This was my first trip but since they opened the Atlanta location and sent the catalog, they have made a fan out of me. With their funky cool style and low prices, you can't beat it! I got stuff cheaper than Wal-Mart there and it looks ten times better. Needless to say, I was able to give my sister an early Xmas present by shopping with her as our mom and my husband watched the kids.

It is a huge store and it does encourage kids. It even has a restaurant and kids play palace. I got doormats for $1.99 and kids plates 5 for .99. You can't beat that! Plus they won me over as they played the 80s satellite radio channel. I guess we fit their target demographic.

It rocks. Plus I just got back from visiting our friends in Luzern, Switzerland. They have all that cool track lighting and space saving efficient furniture. It was like an extension of our trip going to IKEA. They show you examples of living within certain spaces like 1500 sq ft, 1000 sq ft and less. It's definitely a lesson for the US as we are used to larger wide open spaces. If you are in a smaller space, you must plan for more efficient use of your space. Like IKEA says, think high. Go all the way up your wall and maximize your space.

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