Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Toddlers and Medicine

My two year old daughter had strep last week and we gave her amoxicillin to treat it. She felt better in a few days, but was waking up agitated in the middle of the night with stomach cramps and she was crying, which she never does normally.

I called the nurse at her Dr office and she said although it is cause for concern, to continue giving it to her for the remaining 3 days of the 10 day treatment. It was against my better judgment and we stopped giving it to her.

It had been 8 days since we all slept through the night, but last night was the first restful night since we stopped giving it to her.

It's hard being a parent and deciding what's best for your child, but when they are in pain and don't need to be, it's not even an issue.

I guess I'm most upset that I have discovered that doctors and nurses are just people and not superpeople whom I grew up thinking could solve every health problem. As a parent, we have to make educated decisions and guesses, like they do, about what is best for our health and for our family's health.

Never second guess your gut feelings and instincts. I know I won't!


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