Tuesday, March 29, 2005

English - Not the Official Language of the US

I never knew that English wasn't the official language of the United States of America. I just assumed it but was shocked to find out last year that it is not. I don't know why it has never been made official but it should be. I visit other countries and I try to speak their language, follow their customs, be polite. When in Rome, they say.

We are in danger of having too many languages prevalent in our society. It is okay to speak your native tongue if chosen, but if you cannot read a traffic sign or pass a written driving test, then I have issues. How do you get around the city? Buy groceries? Communicate with people in general?

Before more languages start appearing on signs throughout our land and to select English press 1 becomes 2 or 3, let's establish our official language based on the history of our great land. English is the international language. Why not here?

Here is a link to a non-profit dedicated to making English the official language of the US. And by the way, it was started by an immigrant who went through proper channels to become a US citizen.


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