Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Leg Lamp for all Seasons

My sister got me a leg lamp nightlight from the Christmas Story this past Christmas and it was about the best thing I received due to the fond family memories we had growing up and the direct correlation with the movie. I still have it in my kitchen. I just can't bear to put it away. It's a leg lamp! It's not just for the holidays! There's nothing like the glow of electric sex in the kitchen in the middle of the night. My dad was the cuss word king and my sister and I were the equivalent of Ralphie and his little brother. There are few movies that are that worthy lately.

Shaun of the Dead was great and Harold and Kumar Got to White Castle were pretty funny. I love my Netflix subscription and keep my movie queue loaded. Doesn't it seem good movies no matter what genre are becoming more few and far between? There is a good article in Entertainment Weekly about star treatment and how it is costing moviegoers to pay for their perks. It is sad.


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Heath Bar said...

My Leg Lamp greets you at the bottom of my stairs. It gives of a constant & welcoming ethereal glow. It is a permanent fixture and daily reminder to find the sense of humor my children are robbing me of ;) Heath