Saturday, April 02, 2005

Perfect - Boston Red Sox and Auburn Tigers

Our house was a happy house for more reasons than one this year. We are Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and Auburn Tiger fans, among other teams that we love having lived in various cities. Seasons have come and gone with mediocre results, but that was okay. We love our team and that is the price you pay. Until this year!

I still cannot believe that Boston was one strike away from being eliminated in the ALCS and came back to win the World Series. I also cannot believe that Auburn had yet another perfect season and fought against the odds to prove that a team can rise above with pride, spirit, class and talent.

As we approach a new baseball and football season this year, I will remind myself the true meaning of being a sports fan. We have good years and bad years. Your true character is a measure of how you handle the not so good seasons, but what a crazy time when your team actually does the unexpected. I quote my husband, who, minutes after watching the Boston world series sink in for a few minutes with tears in his eyes, say, "What am I going to do next year?"

It's a good question. What will we do next year? It's a situation we are so not used to. So enjoy the hell out of the year you have until the next season and we are thankful that we have seen in a lifetime, the Red Sox reverse the curse. War Damn Eagle and Go BoSox! Carpe diem!

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