Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Let's talk paranoid micromanagers and the drones who work for them.

Sometimes I wonder just how some people rise in the corporate ranks. I currently work for a paranoid micromanager who seems to be like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. One day he is upbeat and joking and the next three we have a controlling psycho to contend with.

If someone in the office does something to make him mad, he sends a random email to the entire company. "I just want to remind you that lunch hour does encompass 60 minutes..." Then everyone wonders who it was. We usually get these a few times a year.

The sales team has a revolving door as his management style doesn't seem to agree with anyone. We have had more people go than are currently here.

And don't even ask about holidays. We have five.

The guilt you feel asking for time off is unreal.

And please, when you are meeting with someone, don't look at your email. Look them in the eye. I could go on.

Movies like Office Space, Cartoons like Dilbert and TV Shows like The Office really hit a nail on teh head. The problem is, with this boss controlling and ruling our office, who is making sure he is doing his job properly? No one higher up asks the staff why there is such high turnover and there are no exit interviews. It is sad. Corporations need to also make sure that the right managers are in place rather than someone who is sinking in quicksand. All it would take is a simple interview. I feel better now having vented.

In honor of dysfunction in the office, here are some fun web sites:

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http://www.iworkwithfools.com/ - Anonymously vent about coworkers, bosses, it's gold.

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