Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Redheads and the people attached to them

Until I had my redheaded daughter, I never really knew just how special red hair was to the world. My mom and grandma have red hair. My grandpa gurney had red hair when he was younger. And my sister in law has red curly hair.

I have spent the last 21 months getting used to shopping and having all kinds of people suddenly stop me from whatever I was doing to admire Megan's red hair. (It's mostly older women who admit to trying to match Megan's shade of hair with over the counter hair color but I have had all types of people comment about her beautiful hair). I just wasn't aware of this phenomenon before I had her. I go out with Megan now and it's like she is a moving magnet for people everywhere. It's quite a trip, actually. It's a good thing Megan is good natured or she would have freaked out a few hundred times now!

I also never knew that in the fashion , haircare and beauty world, red hair is the only hair color that no one has been able to emulate. Sure, people like my great aunt marge tried to have red hair, but it always seemed a bit magenta to me.

What is the mystery surrounding redheads? Is it truly because you cannot "fake" being a redhead? The true uniqueness of red hair is like a target for those who seek it. So onward and upward, Megan. May your red hair guide you and your redhair followers everywhere you go. Red heads of the universe, UNITE!

Red hair fading out? Experts unsure
4 percent of humans have the red hair gene.

Red hair
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