Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why the Burger King and Mentos ads are wrong and Ad Tunes and Family Guy is Right On Brother

That new burger king "King" creeps me out. It's not funny like the gnome that travels, it's just creepy with that stiff smile and no talking. What is up with that? It's not helping develop an image - at least McDonald's is building an image for healthier food options. When i think of the BK, I just think, creepy mask/helmet man.

And another thing, what's up with the mentos ads? They have to be foreign. Haven't they done their research and learned that what works in certain countries doesn't work in others?

Oh well. Just some late night advertising thoughts from a full time B2B marketer, part time consumer. The joys of marketing is never letting go!

Searching for TV commercial songs? Look no further - http://www.adtunes.com/

And I need to add that it is great to see the Family Guy back on tv where it belongs. God love Seth McFarlane and the whole cast for hanging in there. It really is a brilliant show. I hope you have many more seasons. I am a proud DVD owner.

Happy trails and good night!

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