Sunday, April 24, 2005

Where is the Alternative in Music Now?

It's funny that I can listen to the same song on four different radio stations in Atlanta and that stations are all claiming to be bigger, better and offer a more unique playlist than all the rest.

That is why I enjoy listening to my cable and online music channels commercial free. I can listen to big band, blues, reggae, 80s retro, punk, ska, you name it, whatever mood I'm in.

I'm also searching for the perfect channel that plays my truly alternative retro 80s music as well as other well defined channels. The 70s had motown and disco, so these channels need to define themselves and segment more than just a decade so they can better target their listeners.

I wonder what satellite radio will do to the traditional format we know of today. All I know is, bring on the competition. If I can get better, more targeted music as well as other media, I will be a more satisfied customer and companies will be much more successful in building their demographics and successfully marketing to these folks.

Some cool music information sites - The "download this" section in Entertainment weekly and also the "if you like this band, you might like ____" section of the magazine -

80s music free to listen online

Here is an awesome list of many different stations online:

Have I mentioned how certain areas in Europe and other ares have a funny fetish for 80s music? In Lucern, Switzerland, Carnival bands are jamming to anything from Bon Jovi to AC/DC.. On our honeymoon in St. Lucia, we danced to Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson tunes from the early 80s. Classic.

Here is a Lucern radio station - check it out.

So, keep searching for those great stations, whatever music you like. They are out there! Oh yeaah, and a plug to WEGL in Auburn University - they were great during my college years there. War Damn Eagle!

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Libby said...

wow, thanks! i missa the 80's bigtime!! wish i still had my rubik's cube!!